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The New York Academy of Dentistry Endowment Fund, Inc.

As specified in its Constitution and By-laws, the objective of The New York Academy of Dentistry Endowment Fund is to “provide an endowment for the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge in dentistry for the good of mankind”.

To help meet this objective, in 2008, the Endowment Fund Board decided to work on increasing the fund for the following purposes: to expand research fellowships; to expand ethics programs; to explore the support and recruitment of young dentists to become full time faculty at area dental schools; to help support the humanitarian efforts of the Academy, both nationally and abroad, by increasing services to the dentally under served.

They adopted the following to help accomplish the above: to increase the suggested annual donation from $25 to $100 to create two new donor groups:

  • Endowment Fellows who contribute $1000 (could be paid over 4 years)

  • Endowment Benefactors who contribute $5000 (could be paid over 4 years)

Both of the above noted groups receive recognition in the Annals of Dentistry as well as at an Endowment Fund meeting annually.

Donations to the Endowment Fund can now be made with your VISA or MasterCard or American Express.


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