The New York Academy of Dentistry Humanitarian Outreach Committee was established to support the efforts of Academy Fellows engaged in humanitarian efforts and to serve as a point of contact for others considering participating in these efforts.


We look to highlight and provide links to these organizations so that you can consider volunteering with them or supporting them financially.


“The object of the Academy shall be to uphold the dignity and honor of the dental profession, exalt its professional and ethical standards…and to encourage membership activity in community service…”


World of Smiles, Inc.

In response to a 2010 Oral Health Needs Assessment, and several annual outreaches, World of Smiles Inc. was established to allow for the financial support of its programs.

It is intended to promote sustainability of comprehensive oral health programs in underserved areas in collaboration with local health care providers.


From its inception, The La Romana Oral Health Initiative (now formalized as World of Smiles Inc.) has been supported by The New York Academy of Dentistry. WOS is dedicated to fostering humanitarian service as part of the educational process and collaborates with US based dental schools and residency program allowing their students to participate. By encouraging cultural and language sensitivity through international (or domestic) collaboration WOS seeks to expand the clinical education and understanding of needs for all involved.

The initial focus of the program has been to provide comprehensive care to the children of the schools of Fundacion MIR in La Romana, Dominican Republic. This has also included treatment of needy family members, faculty, children of nearby orphanages and the area batayes (sugar worker camps).

There is now an extensive preventative program established at the schools that and managed by a Dominican dentist who serves as Clinic Director at the 6-chair clinic that has been granted to WOS. It is hoped that this program will serve as a model for the country as the Minister of Health and Regional Ministry of Health work directly with WOS now.

Currently WOS is working with the dental schools at Rutgers and Stony Brook and the Residency programs at New York Presbyterian

World of Smiles was founded by Academy Fellows Jerry Halpern, Yakir Arteaga and Jim Hudson.

To participate or make a donation please contact: Jim Hudson at



Begun in 2003 in response to the devastation from the AIDS epidemic in Kenya, Kageno was formed hoping “to transform communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of opportunity and hope”. In 2007 the program was expanded to a region in Rwanda. The very successful programs include:

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Adult Education

  • Health Education

  • Volunteer Counseling for HIV/AIDS

  • Child Feeding Programs

  • Vulnerable Child Assistance

  • Microloan Program

  • Conservation Programs

    • Clean Water

    • Community Garden and Animal Hubandry

    • Protection of Mountain Gorillas

In 2018 oral health needs were assessed and there are plans to add a program for oral health care and prevention.

Kageno was founded by Academy Fellow, Frank Andolino, who has been honored with the American Dental Association’s Humanitarian Award.

To support this program please contact: Frank Andolino at


Somos Amigos

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Somos Amigos Medical Missions operates a medical and dental clinic in a rural area of the Dominican Republic. The organization’s mission is to bring medical and dental care to people living in under-served areas of developing countries. Their first clinic, in Naranjito, Dominican Republic, serves more than 1,000 regular patients and was established in 1997.

All aspects of clinical dentistry are provided in a specially constructed clinic with 6 modern dental units. Missions are planned for a six-day period.

Somos Amigos offers opportunities for students from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine to participate in the outreach. 


Academy Fellow Jim Hudson serves on their Board of Directors.

Academy contact: Jim Hudson:

Outreach Contact: Frank Brightwell:


Special Olympics New York Special Smiles Project

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The Special Smiles discipline of Healthy Athletes provides comprehensive oral health care information, including offering free dental screenings and instructions on correct brushing and flossing techniques to participating Special Olympics athletes. This resource page is equipped with manuals and forms, event resources and Special Smiles stories and additional information. Special Smiles has demonstrated remarkable success in creating awareness and improving access to dental care for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

For more information please contact Charita R. Boseman, Manager, Special Smiles.

Academy contact: Gabriella Lee: