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Thursday March 11th 2021 7:00pm

Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Hod Lipson

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Thursday April 15th 2021


$95.00 per order





The New York Academy of Dentistry is pleased to invite you to their Sparkling Wine
Tasting Event which takes place on April 15th, 2021 through a Zoom presentation

This event will begin at 7:30PM with a mini schmooze for 15-20 minutes
The presentation will begin at about 8:00PM

Participants are encouraged to have snacks on hand if you choose to do so. Anything in terms of cheese,
olives, crackers, chips and dip, nothing sweet (no fruit, honey, cookies etc.)

This presentation will be given by
David Hamburger of Acker Wines, Manhattan

David will discuss the sparkling wines with a question and answer to follow

There will be two half bottles and one full bottle of sparkling wine
delivered to your provided address two days prior to the tasting.

The tasting will be an exploration of the different methods used to produce
sparkling wine, from Charmant to Ancestrale to Champagne.

A note will be sent with instructions to all participants in terms of chilling/opening.

Two Wine Cups