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Our Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Karen Baker

The Union League Club

Impact of alternative medicine on clinical dentistry

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April 16th, 2020 - Social meeting at Bouley Test Kitchen - More information coming soon


5:00 p.m. Board of Directors Meeting*

6:00 p.m. Reception

6:45 p.m. Dinner

8:00 p.m. Presentation of Endowment Fund Lecture

*All members are invited to attend Board of Directors Meetings

The resurgence of alternative medicine has produced confusion and conflict among dental professionals and patients alike.  During this lecture, we will discuss the dental treatment impact of popular systemic supplements as well as the effectiveness of nutraceutical products promoted for treatment of oral diseases such as caries, mucositis, gingivitis and periodontitis.  We will conclude by discussing reliable information sources and step-wise strategies for evaluating and managing patients using or considering the use of nutraceutical oral health products.  A practical and detailed handout will be provided to allow participants to apply this information to their practice.


After attending this lecture and reviewing the accompanying handout, the participant should be able to:

  1. buy and use a science-based nutraceutical reference and recommend information sources for patients,

  2. recognize the dental impact of common systemic and topical nutraceutical products, and

select specific nutraceutical oral health products with reasonable claims and safe ingredients

Brief Professional Resume: 

Ms. Baker joined the faculty of the College of Dentistry in 1981. She has been director of Dental Pharmacy Services since 1991, is an associate professor in the Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine, and is also an associate professor in the UI College of Pharmacy's Dvision of Pharmacy Practice.

Teaching Activities: 

Dental Therapeutics; Advanced Dental Therapeutics; Preventive Dentistry Homecare Therapeutics; Local Anesthesia Pharmacology; Sedation Pharmacology; Pharm.D. Ambulatory Care Dental Clerkship.

Clinical Activities: 

Ms. Baker's clinical activities include staff dental pharmacy, 1-2 days per week and dental clinical consultations 3-4 days per week

Research Activities: 

Ms. Baker's research includes the dental management of the medically complex patient and the dental impact of alternative medicine.