How to Nominate a New Member

Download the “Nominate for Fellowship” form for use in supporting a colleague for Fellowship in The New York Academy of Dentistry. When completed, save this form to your file, and  then with your sponsorship letter,  a seconder letter and the nominee’s CV, should be forwarded to the Fellowship Committee in one email with the four attachments:

Dr.John Young has requested that all application materials be sent to him electronically at [email protected]

In preparing your nomination, please keep in mind the following:

(i) Only Active and Life Fellows may nominate potential Fellows.

(ii) Each eligible Fellow may nominate only one candidate for Fellowship during each academic year.

(iii) No nominations or seconds from the nominee’s office will be accepted.

(iv) The nominee must be a member in good standing of the American Dental Association or its equivalent.

If you have any other questions, or if you require further information, please contact me at (212-684-6529).

Please refer to “Article IV” of the Bylaws